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(This info was put together through self-summary of research on the subject which cannot be quoted in legal cases)

We live in an exceptional day and age where the whole world is connected through technology.  Through the OMTS platform you are also being empowered to learn and share your music with the world!

If you don't already have a YouTube channel, here is some information on posting your video:

(Method 1: tablet, iPad, mobile phone; Method 2: computer)

1. Very Important:

Before you spend time recording a video, please read Copyrights, royalties and acknowledgement below at no. 4 first.

2. Title of your YouTube video:

Please film your video in LANDSCAPE ORIENTATION

Please put the following in the title block:

Name/Group name, Category, Full title of song/piece, "Cover" (if necessary)

e.g. Felicia Bent, Jazz, Fly Me To The Moon, B. Howard (Cover)

In the description block, you can put "Cover" if it is a popular song, Publisher, etc.  Anything necessary as explanation for your piece.

4. Copyrights, royalties and acknowledgements: 

Classical works are usually Public Domain.  If you perform a 20th/21st century piece in any genre, recordings thereof might be copyrighted.  Fortunately YouTube automatically detects the copyright state of a video and warns you in time whether it is copyrighted.  If it's copyrighted, the composer/songwriter usually gives permission on condition that they pocket all the revenue if your video gets a lot of views (like a few thousand) and is monetized.

3. Public or Unlisted:

For all Public Domain or uncopyrighted works, you can publicly share the video with us.  For any copyrighted works, please choose the Unlisted option.  If you share the address with us, we will still be able to view the video, but unfortunately we will not be able to share it on our online platforms.  You can share your video as "unlisted" with us, regardless of the copyright terms, but your video won't be able to be shared on our platforms.

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